Wednesday, 30 Sep 2020
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Dr. Marco Zito

Staff physicist at Irfu-CEA, Saclay, France
Leader of the group T2K
Convener of the T2K-ND280-TPC

March 2011


Since my PhD Thesis (Study of the Bs production in DELPHI, Paris XI, 1993) I have focussed on the physics of flavor and its puzzles. I have investigated this with the Babar collaboration where I have lead the analysis group using inclusive B decays. In particular I have performed a precision measurement of the B0 lifetime and of sin(2beta+gamma) (CKM matrix) placing constraints on the unitarity triangle with partially reconstructed Bー->D*pi. Since 2005 I have turned to the neutrino physics. Our Saclay group has lead the design and construction of the first large TPC with micro-pattern gas detectors for the near detector of the T2K experiment. In T2K I have also lead the first physics analysis using the data of the near detector for a measurement of the flux and of the intrinsic nu_e component. I am also active in the preparation of future neutrino experiments, leading the Super Beam work package of the EUROnu design study.

Do you want to know more?

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